March 2009 - September 2010
Funding enterprise/administration: World Bank / Inter-American Development Bank
Participating entities: INGENIAR Ltda. (Colombia); ITEC Ltda. (Colombia); ERN Ingenieros Consultores (Mexico) y CIMNE (Spain)

CAPRA Comprehensive Approach for Probabilistic Risk Assessment (CAPRA) is a free, modular, extensible and open source platform for risk analysis and decision making, which applies probabilistic techniques to hazard and loss assessment. Hazard information is combined with exposure and physical vulnerability data, allowing the user to determine conjoint or cascade risk on an inter-related multi-hazard basis. The CAPRA platform includes hazard mapping, risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis tools to support pro-active risk management.

Understand disaster risk due to natural hazard events creates incentives for countries to develop tools to reduce potential damages. This is the reason why CAPRA, a comprehensive disaster risk assessment platform, was developed.

Funding enterprise/administration:
Central American Coordination Centre for Disaster Prevention (CEPREDENAC); The World Bank; Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); International Strategy of United Nations for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR).

Participating entities:
INGENIAR Ltda. (Colombia); ITEC S.A.S. (Colombia); ERN Ingenieros Consultores (Mexico) and CIMNE (Spain)

CAPRA is a Disaster Risk Information Platform for use in decision-making that is based on a unified methodology and on tools for assessing disaster risk. The documentation and modules are available at the CAPRA website (ecapra.org).